Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I found stuff 8D

First , Merry christmas to you ♥
Hope you had a wonderfull chirsmas, mine wasnt all that mad, if you take out the fack that Im sick, sleepdeprived and running around like a chicken or a godzilla robot, something of the sort.
So while seaching for sketches I did for a commision, I found some little sketches to add to my daily boredom production :B. enjoy~
(I did this one while waiting for an autograph of barbara canepa ♥ huhuhuhuu BOOBIES XD )
(this is for you ami-sempai, like promised, tho I wished I did a better job -_- gommmeennn~ )
(oh! this one is about 5 months old XD while decided what cosplay I wanted to do, so you know the whole twist thing about mario and luigi evil twin, and you know about how lots of people cosplay girl mario and girl luigi.. what if you combine? so I decided that I wanted to do my own version of girl wa-luigi since my boyfriend is supposed to do wa-luigi itself, and my neighbor's boyfriend did wario last year, so she decided to jump in the band wagon and do girl wario :D and to add the twist she is the skinny one and Im the more chubby one so its twisted twisted twwiiiissted around muwhahah .. we are so shmartz :B )

next sketches are recent ones

25 of december morning.. I was working.. lemme tell you the store was DEAD.. only clients were hobo that wanted booze at 8am in the morning, and a regular client per hour coming to get milk/eggs/bread/coffee since everything else was closed harharharr)

this was actually done today, still very dead day. haha Im tired

I send you monster love~
now gonna rest for 6 hours my poor littles eyes 8D ♥

Thursday, November 25, 2010

when you're bored...

you draw..or doodle more or less..
Thats what I told myself last time I worked at the couche-tard corner de lorimier and laurier
its not my usual crew, its not my usual weirdos and its definitivly not the same pace..
its like a comparision between an leopard and a snail..
its not that I dont like the crew there, they are nice and funny, the clients behave and are respectfull. however times goes by too slow.. and for the past year and a half Im use to rush into things so hastilly that I can't see the time fly by. but this... was boring.
SOIll get to the point.I drew,here's 2 little sketches that are worth showing

that would be a random sexy lady and then Agape from skydoll. :D
Annndd that not all, in the bus, half asleep I was doodling and I came up with an enteresting sketch that I ended up inking.. ionno if Ill finish it someday, Im kinda in the lazy gloomy mood of late but Ill do my best harharharhar and yes, it is AGAIN a sky dool fanart =_=.. it was supposed to be a carnival girl but when I did the eyes I was more like.. its not really what I do usually :/.. and it was more looking like well.. skydoll type.. so I ended up that way, not half bad I think.. :D

butyeah, how's life been treating you?
mine has been .. well.. shit.. (warning RANT ZONE)

-rant rant rant rant rant rant rant because I need to vent rant rant rant rant rant-

everytime I see the end of the hard time and I think I can finally rest from my nightmarish life, soemthing else befall on me, like today was my last day of my first weekend I had since a month and a half (been doing over time, need the money yadda yadda yadda same jazz as always) and I only slept 6 hours because my godamned landlord knocked on the door and yelled at my boyfriend with menaces of throwing us out because we didnt have the time to spray for the bed bugs (heck! I was NEVER home, and we never found a place for the cat to stay the 4 hours needed for the toxic shit to dissapear)
that and bills bills always bills
mom and my sisters are worried because I look down and depressed, like Im about to jump off the cliff..
Im not
you all know that I would never do such an idiotic thing.
tho I can't help to wonder, what have I done wrong? I worked my ass hard when I was at school, intensive program, plus 35hours of part-time work. ever since the end of the school Ive been gobbing every extra hours I can get, Ive applied everywhere I could in my field to finally get started. WHAT MOAR CAN I FUCKING DO?
who have I pissed off to badly to see everything failing so hard?
Is it because I followed my dream?
Is it because I dared to try?
Is is simply because I was never at the right place at the right time?
if not then what is it? am I just that stupid?
I wish I could find a solution you know, or someone that gives me a clue, you know
or just a tiiinny break where I could take a deap breath, a healing spell to keep on fighting.
but will it really happen.. ionno, I just dont know anymore.. I wish I could distinguish what is the right thing to.
Or maybe just empty everything to be zen and shining again..
ahhaha who am I kidding? Maybe Im just a lame ass looser who is just a big bother for everyone after all ^^;
Everyone Im so sorry..and I love you all..
It'll be allright, ne? :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

its moviiiinnng D:

oh hai people!
how are you hanging on?
me IM busy, so busy it kills me :<>

so right now when I wake up OR after work this is how I look like :

I also been hanging out with people, and I realised that 2 of them have special bonds of brotherly love, and often are off in their own little world. I find that very inspiring and cute :>
been also working on contracts I have 2 more to go and they are huge ones with lots of charaters @_@ muwhaha. I did the first one it was for my sister and was a simple ink job so yay 8D
also if I havent annoyed you with the stories of my life well my mother is doing the rally des gazelles in maroco desert, which is a distance and endurance rally through the insanity of the desert :D, and for that she is doing alot of found raising, and since Im poor and always working, I can never participate to her things, so instead IM doing a painting that she can sell to the highest bidder or somehting like that, here's the sketch :
so yeahhhhhhhhhhh, my life is been hecting and IM still trying very hard to find a job in my field and as quickly as I can since Im way over my head with debts and all T_T me and Ben are trying real hard. But you know low salary jobs are, well, low salary.. I love my job, but its not what I want to do for the rest of my life, I want to create! to use that rusty brain of mine D:
but yeah I feal that its gonna happen soon, hopefully IM right.
oh and aslo, my landlord finally did action against the bed bugs flea :D I have the product now I just have to find a day where I can take my cat somewhere for a few hours (toxic vapors)
things are slightly looking up 8D

Monday, August 2, 2010

life goes on~ and otakuthon is comming right up~

So, my money problems arent solved but I'm not on the brick of instinction and warfare with the society anymore.. mother saved my face, and I'm eternally gratefull for it♥♥♥

All in all I'm having a very tight and strickt budget till I finish school and all.
but I'm hoping to make a little extra at otakuthon, be there or be square! (13-14-15th of august)
so I dare hope ..

So far I have about 4 shirts ready(takes a shitload of time since its like, drawn by hand)and well a few arts ready.. I need to contact my friend for a price for buttons (I WANT SOME.. been wanting to sell some for AGES gawd..)

and to top what I had last year (a.k.a prints of alucard castlevania, sailor moon and all) I shall add others.. like howl moving castle.. and thoses that are bing coloured at this moment.
1- 2 k-on fan arts (*might only take the cake one*)

then Ive got some alice in wonderland that im going to do as prints and as bookmarks:

and for the fangirls, some kirk-spok action harharharh, spechial request from my childhood and trekkie friend ♥

and also, I MUST put some personal art.. so I did some coffee art, because we all love cofffeee~

so that would be it for otakuthon stuff.. I will also sell beauty and the beast muccha style, and some remi's papercraft.. have to contact ika and esse, to know if they still want me to sell some vambits for them..

as for life in general, Ive been going around being insane about thoses new cheeseburger flavored doritos... they friggin taste like mcdonalds cheeseburger.. FOR REAL... so Ive been shoving them in people month so I can not be the only one distubed by this extremly precise flavor...

also been inspired by himeka new vid..:

as for school, everything is fine and good, making progress, see for yourself

so, what dyou thinik? mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? >_>

I need opinionnnnssssss

should I add stuff? I know I wanna do more shirts.. -_-

I just need the info on the macaron.. huhuhuh

and on this back to work, Ive been lazy enough for today XD~

ja~ ♥


Thursday, June 17, 2010

oh haiii~~~

heeee 2 weeks without updating? AND I had a week of vaccation?
man I am lazy
but now that I am back in school and overwhelmed with stuff I find time to draw again?
haha how lame XD
actually LOST OF STUFF BELOW sorry to bore you~ ♥ :B

so I spent the whole day doing a concept and thinking about the concept about the enviromenet Im gonna spend the next 9 weeks creating
and I must WARN you. my photoshop skills .. sucks.. I nee nay and chluii chan to train me T_T

so this is what came up

tell me what you think ? 8D

also I did a few concept sketch (no photoshop involved this time)
1- me, my neighbor and my childhood friend (both named Carine and Karine lawl) k-on style :B
here ya go
me -

Carine (a.k.a silver, fuck face, la voisine)
-and Karine (a.k.a ginger, souche d'arbre, grosse puuu...hahah ♥)

so happy happy k-on style (hey, I love happy-go-lucky things, it lightens mah heart.. plus.. its has catchy music ......)

next would be both my boyfriend and Carine's boyfriend had the superb idea of creating a game (with rpg maker) I d
o the graphics (a.k.a I am da artistic director mUYWHAHAH) ben the integration, Carine the scenario and phil will help witht he integration.. and I THINK I head one of our friend will help with the programmation.. but.. Ionno anymore XD
and its going to be an insane game that doesnt make sence with old school sprites and such.
so far got my character sketched up :
wich is a crazy cook.. she is happy and harmless but DO NOT PISS HER OFF.. she goes nuts and his you till there is nothing left of you.. Basher type with magic knowledge equally with and black (I dont want to only be a pissed white mage..annoyyaannce)

and the only other I came with is phill (carine bf) as a thief

he is kinda the annoying caracter you will NEVER be able to control, he quits the fight as random, he runs away if he gets hit.. but he is a theif.. kinda a la yufie like

sooon you shall have the rest :B

and I shall leave you witha sketch of a purdy rockabilly tattoed girl.. because I love all that

Monday, May 31, 2010

pimp'd up

its pretty self explanatory.. Chlui chan is a master of priiittiii hair.. so we all added many layer and we all have princess hair now.. its lonnnggg.. I love having long hair ^3^ thank you chluiii channnnnnnnnn ♥

on another note I finished my ben in wonderland series ♥

also.. too many events to attend to. not enought money.. me not happy :(

on this off to take the trash out then all nighter at school go MEEEE 8D I can do this shiittt

Saturday, May 22, 2010

we are all machines

but after all its the life that I chose no? so I dont regret it :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So liek Ive been influenced by chluii and nayyy to well,.. customized stuff.. I like that, leaving my artsy bitt spilled eveywhere because, somtimes, Im like that...I want to create so much my head will explode and splatter the walls.. but the walls are put aside for paint practice..
so I decided to splatter stuff instead..
Here are my latest VICTUMMMMSS ♥♥♥♥

this is actually fresh, like Ive finished it few minutes ago, my sony headphones.. I was too bitter about losing my tokyo mix-style black star headphones.. so I made myself one just like nay and chluiii.. how original 8D but SO MUCH FUN ♥..in case you haven notice I like octopus and stars :B yeah.. so what..
those were a request made by my boyfirend a few months ago, but never got around to do it because didnt have the markers for material, but now that I had them, well, did it :B there will be more picture on a complete deviation on DA like.. tomrorow or something, when Ill get my lazy ass to upload them harharhar
and this is the most old, its about a month old.. smoking pipes :B harharhar.. sweet vanilla tobacco~ hehehe you have to be stylish for the times you smoke yes?

8D anndd on this I shall bid you sweet dream dear reader, for I am off to bed then to school again harharhar yayyy~ (actually I am happy to be often to school again, I do feel like Im actually DOING somehting and it will like.. give me a diploma somewhere :D )
nighty night or priitttiiiess~~ ♥♥♥

Saturday, May 8, 2010

music day

well its gonna be a long day, lucky I has my music :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

an update between 2 coffee

.... Its only a way of living :)

well I skipped sleep twice this week, and not faking it or failing to stay awake. I pulled it out like a champion!! whooo

also, school is pretty hectic and we are ruchin, I BE NEEDED.. meaning, I shall reduce my hours at work in order to work like A MADMAN.. :B in other news I made a table with octopus legs <3

so on so forth my child, I have work to do and bills to pay, till the next insanity <3

Thursday, April 22, 2010

through sickness and illness untold

I have fought my way to my bed beyond the door HAHAHAHRRRR*ACK COUGH COUGH DIES*



fist a simple comic on how last week was hell I missed both school and work for 1 day and half :(

Also gotta complain that clients at 2am are not easy to deal with -_-;;

So on this wonderfull thursay I am givin you bonuses! haha I feel generous :B first one is inspired when everything starts to go bad you feel like having a devil on your shoulder.. sometimes I wonder if that devil isnt just life trying to stab you then then one tought led to the other.. what if it was a fat bastard? what if he was blah blah blah so on XD

Second is just the lined work of the previously posted drawing, if you wanna try and colour it GO AHEAUUUUUDDDUUU 8D ♥

And on this I shall leave you, I need a shower make my lunch then its off to work till 3AM again muwahhaha XD ♥

Monday, April 5, 2010

girly nights

well I guess I cant help it, now that I have a blog I doodle the day away -_-;; so like 2 or days ago my neighbor Carine ( ♥ ) showed up with wine and we hung out like we do, and yet again tonight she did, she is about the only person I see outside my co-workers people from school and my lovely boyfriend :B because I has hectic schedule and all
today we talked about fashion and all, so while talking I was doodleing away of COURSE XD

so she talked about stipped lime green and black fabric she saw today and how she wanted to make an outfit out of it ... so in my head the middle on popped out, then she descibed (and doodled) the one I did on the right side.. then got me wondering off in the fashion world...
reminded me of old dreams.. haha XD

so yeah
girls night out= me likey
(even if she talks alot obout her boyfriend and stuff she likes she is quite funny XD)

so I leave you with another eye candy, something work inspired, with chlui-chan and valnounette (♥)
I wish now I did chlui with some coffee or something -_-;;

okay ime done fer naow bed time :) school tomrorow harharhar gotta finish thoses props unwrap then and import in hammer engine :B

Friday, April 2, 2010

sickness and eye candy

So, I am sick, I caught a nasty virus that block all my sinus and keep me from breathing normally and gives me a headache, throat ache and my upper mouth feels weird hahaha
so I throwing down halls down my throat and hoping it will all go away soon enough because that sickness will not stop me from working and chall ha! plus I have a very long and busy weekend WHY NAOW rah.. but I guess Im lucky, scince I wasnt sick ALL winter long. so I shouldnt rant haha

so I shall leave you with some eye candy before going to work.
did this sketch in class, will finish it once I am done with Ben in wonderland series hahah :D I was thinking of maybe painting it digital style 8D we shall see :B

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There aint no rest for the wicked

Well, dear people this is my first post, did this in my class reunion this morning, and its about my reality, everyday I must endure the constant beeping of my phone from compagny that want their cash, everyday I mus toss around every penny I find to survive, its a constant battle to be able to survive in this world, soon perhaps everything will be better, but right now, I must fend for myself harharharha.. :( ♥