Thursday, June 17, 2010

oh haiii~~~

heeee 2 weeks without updating? AND I had a week of vaccation?
man I am lazy
but now that I am back in school and overwhelmed with stuff I find time to draw again?
haha how lame XD
actually LOST OF STUFF BELOW sorry to bore you~ ♥ :B

so I spent the whole day doing a concept and thinking about the concept about the enviromenet Im gonna spend the next 9 weeks creating
and I must WARN you. my photoshop skills .. sucks.. I nee nay and chluii chan to train me T_T

so this is what came up

tell me what you think ? 8D

also I did a few concept sketch (no photoshop involved this time)
1- me, my neighbor and my childhood friend (both named Carine and Karine lawl) k-on style :B
here ya go
me -

Carine (a.k.a silver, fuck face, la voisine)
-and Karine (a.k.a ginger, souche d'arbre, grosse puuu...hahah ♥)

so happy happy k-on style (hey, I love happy-go-lucky things, it lightens mah heart.. plus.. its has catchy music ......)

next would be both my boyfriend and Carine's boyfriend had the superb idea of creating a game (with rpg maker) I d
o the graphics (a.k.a I am da artistic director mUYWHAHAH) ben the integration, Carine the scenario and phil will help witht he integration.. and I THINK I head one of our friend will help with the programmation.. but.. Ionno anymore XD
and its going to be an insane game that doesnt make sence with old school sprites and such.
so far got my character sketched up :
wich is a crazy cook.. she is happy and harmless but DO NOT PISS HER OFF.. she goes nuts and his you till there is nothing left of you.. Basher type with magic knowledge equally with and black (I dont want to only be a pissed white mage..annoyyaannce)

and the only other I came with is phill (carine bf) as a thief

he is kinda the annoying caracter you will NEVER be able to control, he quits the fight as random, he runs away if he gets hit.. but he is a theif.. kinda a la yufie like

sooon you shall have the rest :B

and I shall leave you witha sketch of a purdy rockabilly tattoed girl.. because I love all that