Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So liek Ive been influenced by chluii and nayyy to well,.. customized stuff.. I like that, leaving my artsy bitt spilled eveywhere because, somtimes, Im like that...I want to create so much my head will explode and splatter the walls.. but the walls are put aside for paint practice..
so I decided to splatter stuff instead..
Here are my latest VICTUMMMMSS ♥♥♥♥

this is actually fresh, like Ive finished it few minutes ago, my sony headphones.. I was too bitter about losing my tokyo mix-style black star headphones.. so I made myself one just like nay and chluiii.. how original 8D but SO MUCH FUN ♥..in case you haven notice I like octopus and stars :B yeah.. so what..
those were a request made by my boyfirend a few months ago, but never got around to do it because didnt have the markers for material, but now that I had them, well, did it :B there will be more picture on a complete deviation on DA like.. tomrorow or something, when Ill get my lazy ass to upload them harharhar
and this is the most old, its about a month old.. smoking pipes :B harharhar.. sweet vanilla tobacco~ hehehe you have to be stylish for the times you smoke yes?

8D anndd on this I shall bid you sweet dream dear reader, for I am off to bed then to school again harharhar yayyy~ (actually I am happy to be often to school again, I do feel like Im actually DOING somehting and it will like.. give me a diploma somewhere :D )
nighty night or priitttiiiess~~ ♥♥♥