Monday, August 2, 2010

life goes on~ and otakuthon is comming right up~

So, my money problems arent solved but I'm not on the brick of instinction and warfare with the society anymore.. mother saved my face, and I'm eternally gratefull for it♥♥♥

All in all I'm having a very tight and strickt budget till I finish school and all.
but I'm hoping to make a little extra at otakuthon, be there or be square! (13-14-15th of august)
so I dare hope ..

So far I have about 4 shirts ready(takes a shitload of time since its like, drawn by hand)and well a few arts ready.. I need to contact my friend for a price for buttons (I WANT SOME.. been wanting to sell some for AGES gawd..)

and to top what I had last year (a.k.a prints of alucard castlevania, sailor moon and all) I shall add others.. like howl moving castle.. and thoses that are bing coloured at this moment.
1- 2 k-on fan arts (*might only take the cake one*)

then Ive got some alice in wonderland that im going to do as prints and as bookmarks:

and for the fangirls, some kirk-spok action harharharh, spechial request from my childhood and trekkie friend ♥

and also, I MUST put some personal art.. so I did some coffee art, because we all love cofffeee~

so that would be it for otakuthon stuff.. I will also sell beauty and the beast muccha style, and some remi's papercraft.. have to contact ika and esse, to know if they still want me to sell some vambits for them..

as for life in general, Ive been going around being insane about thoses new cheeseburger flavored doritos... they friggin taste like mcdonalds cheeseburger.. FOR REAL... so Ive been shoving them in people month so I can not be the only one distubed by this extremly precise flavor...

also been inspired by himeka new vid..:

as for school, everything is fine and good, making progress, see for yourself

so, what dyou thinik? mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? >_>

I need opinionnnnssssss

should I add stuff? I know I wanna do more shirts.. -_-

I just need the info on the macaron.. huhuhuh

and on this back to work, Ive been lazy enough for today XD~

ja~ ♥