Monday, September 26, 2011

On a deserted island that is over-populated

SO, Im impressed on how quick I get bored with thoses websites.. now Im all on tumblr and never here anymore :< and its sad cuz here people can actually answer stuff :O

anyway Im dumping art :B Ill start with some sketches and end up with the real shit Ive done ins the past week

YEAHH... so.. what are you up to anyway?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

its alliiiivvveee

howdy folks?

Well sorry for the lack of update seem life doesnt want to let go of me and always put me under a shitload of stuff :)

Im not dead, Im still drawing, tho I can't post
much untill the contract is finished but if you go see Im working on some art for La page a melko
r new layout that's going to be released this f
all. But every week there is new art that is released so see the millions of robots here for your pleas

moving on with the stuff, Im now fully moved in
, in that amazing appt downtown montreal (like
more downtown than that its almost imposible) and
amazingly with my super green back alley it sm
ell and feel like country-side town 8D it makes me
super happy :D

also in the meelee that was my moving out, I succ
eded at loosing an important wire... that is my sc
anner wire D:
so instead of ordering one and waiting even more and
pay 20$ for a friggin wire.. I just bought a brand ne
scanner/printer... YAY..

so now let me shower you with some ARTEH

first series is an idea that poped up at 3am in a s
tressed sleepless night :D My best friend is writting the story that goes with it, I just threw s
ome idea on paper randomly and here's what you get :

also during a little walk on mont-royale I saw a renaud-bray sale thingny got myself a new sketch book with art cover of adolie day :3 and i
t was only 10$ and I was out of normal sketchbooks (tiny ones are tineyyy)

I also stated a tumblr :D
yup yup
it can be followed here :

annndd also, the internet connextion in mu room is the ugliest thing ever done.. you have no idea how infuriating this is.. it took me 5h to update this blog.. like srly.. its deadly.. if I had a knive.. somone would have died// >(

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

what's that you say? A blog post? Oh dear..



I feel like I dont post enough lately, or annoy you with my troubled soul muwahaha
so Ive decided to multi-task while posting
therefore I am writing this while eating my maple and musta
rd chicken breast with sauté vegtables (hey I tr
y to eat good food once a while you know, cha
nge of pace with the ramen) And its delicious. you can lick the screen all you wan, its mine muhahahah.

I finally got the kick in the ass needed to get to work o
n stuff
like 3d, its nothing yet except boxes, so Ill only s
how the concepts
to add to the portfolio, Im like, trying to do DIV
ERSITY hell yeah :D

so first one you saw in the last blog post, the sorta-steampunkish hallway
now you get a sorta prettier city like town :D

next is the ravaged room XD if you dont understnad my scribble oh well
I'm going to start building thoses in 3d :D cant wait *hugs 3dsmx*
so that covers the "I'm working for a better life" part now here's the lifestyle part

last week I was litterally sleep deprived, I mean I wor
k late afternoon shift during the week and early morning shift during the weekend D:
im so sick and tired of this job T_T
so saturday night instead of going to see
people I went to bed at 9pm
thing is... its a god
saturday night~
so nightbors were throwing a party, and I would not complain cuz how manytimes did I do parties here? tho I was a bit mor
e lucky then them
cuz the crazy lady that lives upstairs never bothered us. Yet thats what she did, she started yelling for hours in the hallway till the superintended got tired and called the cops on both of the noisy people. ended up with police bringing the lady to the police station.
. at since people
yelling in my ears deprives me more of sleep I drew :D

good thing too cuz I succeeded at putting a drawing I had in my head for awhile on paper 8D
it shows the dark
ness of m
y soul pfffff
tho I have been feeling down lately but you know Im stronger than that :B

taaa daaaaa

now I shall leave you with sketches of the drink and draw (dnd) night I went to last week :)
and resume my comission drawing while eat
ing ice cream in my lonely apt
cuz I'm so loneellyyyy oohh soo lonnellyyy I have
no bodyy foor my owwnnn *like sticking crappy songs in your heads :B *
also I was able to put the tatoo Ive been wanting for a long time (more that a year at least) and so its going to look like that :

got bored at1am, started drawing.. oh dear got spring fever getting to me? harharhar
all in all just wanted to draw something smoochy and cuddly and sexy, yes. so thats what came out.
cuz I approve of piercing and tattoossss ♥ :B
and if you ask me who they are, they are a fragment of my imagination, not a representation of anyone, tho, you can interpret*siighh* maybe sleep will cure me of my craziness 8D *sleep nao*

dont be shy to comment D: I like comments! and critics.. and just a hello is good too. ♥

Monday, March 7, 2011


Its funny how I tought that my life would get any better, but you know, shit is happening, still
but oh well, I'll deal with it you know, like I always did, not the first time, prolly not the last time my ass gets owned by mr bitchy life haha.

Anyways I was a bit down this past month cuz of the said shit was like hapening over and over and over. I needed a slap in the face to force me back to reality instead of sulking away~ I think Im all good now, I need to keep in the surface and find all my motivation for the final showdown muwahah

so, since I was a slob and not doing art, I went to a friend's house to draw, and draw I did
annndd, after working on commision I did a quiky sketch on photoshop yayy
so I have material to show you even tho they are not high quality sketches they are something at least :B

the first one well I didnt know what to draw, so in the end My friend asked me to draw her in my style, so I did, here be the result

she actually framed the drawing in the same night :D ♥ my first drawing that is in a frame yayyy (normally only my paintings are XD ) so after that I was like. arrr what to draw?
so I ended up with this :
Its pretty meh, nothing to it really, but THEN I GOT STRIKED with an idea! yayyy
wich, for once, is NOT a person its a landscape YAYY.
so, like that, no ruler, I spat it out
its a bit charged. And I think I might do it in 3d, just for the lol, and to add new stuff to the already old portfolio yes, would be a good idea :B

And after a long day of working on my list of commisions, I ended up just doodeling away in photoshop just before closing it, just cuz I felt like it so there you are: a sorta moulin-rougesque girl yayyyy~

Its so nowere haha XD but it was fun, drawing again is helping me getting back on track.. a little bit :)
love you all~ may your dream be filled with annoying girly stuff like ponies and cupcakes :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a new begining

Well its the end of january and I havent posted anything yet.
Mostly because my live has gone through lots of changes.
One main, alot of you readers dont know me in real life. Or others just dont keep up with the news.
So if you must know, I had a break-up with my now ex boyfriend.. and it was quite hard.
Now my cousin lives with me and Ive been trying to fix my life.. wich is hard, but one fight at a time haha
Lately I had that craving of chage, I want something new, somthing different..but for once, its not as easy as before where I could simply just go somewhere haha
but Im working hard ^_^ and thank you for believing in me :).

So, for a change, I will post finished art 8D

first is the fanart I did of skydoll, coloured, and it was sooo much fuuun :B its shinnyy and textures were taken from google image seach XD

second is a drawing I did about 6 or 7 months ago..o_o; I finally finished it last month haha XD it was a great practice !

The last coloured piece is a recent one.. its an id for me.. because I saw on my deviantart account that I still have my old ID with my blond and pink hair... it was about time that I changed it. so here it iss~
and to finish it all off~ A doodle I did today at work.. it really look christmas themed.. but I just wanted to do a cute girl in winter coat.. then the wings came naturally hahha -_-;; but it was so ffuuunnn to doo
also I came to realise, most of my drawings are girls, looking in the same direction.. I need to draw different stuff rly..meh.

so on this, Im going back to my comissions, I need to kick my ass some more ^_^;;
keep faith up, Ill upload more as soon as Im done with all the madness :D