Thursday, April 22, 2010

through sickness and illness untold

I have fought my way to my bed beyond the door HAHAHAHRRRR*ACK COUGH COUGH DIES*



fist a simple comic on how last week was hell I missed both school and work for 1 day and half :(

Also gotta complain that clients at 2am are not easy to deal with -_-;;

So on this wonderfull thursay I am givin you bonuses! haha I feel generous :B first one is inspired when everything starts to go bad you feel like having a devil on your shoulder.. sometimes I wonder if that devil isnt just life trying to stab you then then one tought led to the other.. what if it was a fat bastard? what if he was blah blah blah so on XD

Second is just the lined work of the previously posted drawing, if you wanna try and colour it GO AHEAUUUUUDDDUUU 8D ♥

And on this I shall leave you, I need a shower make my lunch then its off to work till 3AM again muwahhaha XD ♥