Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I found stuff 8D

First , Merry christmas to you ♥
Hope you had a wonderfull chirsmas, mine wasnt all that mad, if you take out the fack that Im sick, sleepdeprived and running around like a chicken or a godzilla robot, something of the sort.
So while seaching for sketches I did for a commision, I found some little sketches to add to my daily boredom production :B. enjoy~
(I did this one while waiting for an autograph of barbara canepa ♥ huhuhuhuu BOOBIES XD )
(this is for you ami-sempai, like promised, tho I wished I did a better job -_- gommmeennn~ )
(oh! this one is about 5 months old XD while decided what cosplay I wanted to do, so you know the whole twist thing about mario and luigi evil twin, and you know about how lots of people cosplay girl mario and girl luigi.. what if you combine? so I decided that I wanted to do my own version of girl wa-luigi since my boyfriend is supposed to do wa-luigi itself, and my neighbor's boyfriend did wario last year, so she decided to jump in the band wagon and do girl wario :D and to add the twist she is the skinny one and Im the more chubby one so its twisted twisted twwiiiissted around muwhahah .. we are so shmartz :B )

next sketches are recent ones

25 of december morning.. I was working.. lemme tell you the store was DEAD.. only clients were hobo that wanted booze at 8am in the morning, and a regular client per hour coming to get milk/eggs/bread/coffee since everything else was closed harharharr)

this was actually done today, still very dead day. haha Im tired

I send you monster love~
now gonna rest for 6 hours my poor littles eyes 8D ♥