Friday, April 30, 2010

an update between 2 coffee

.... Its only a way of living :)

well I skipped sleep twice this week, and not faking it or failing to stay awake. I pulled it out like a champion!! whooo

also, school is pretty hectic and we are ruchin, I BE NEEDED.. meaning, I shall reduce my hours at work in order to work like A MADMAN.. :B in other news I made a table with octopus legs <3

so on so forth my child, I have work to do and bills to pay, till the next insanity <3

Thursday, April 22, 2010

through sickness and illness untold

I have fought my way to my bed beyond the door HAHAHAHRRRR*ACK COUGH COUGH DIES*



fist a simple comic on how last week was hell I missed both school and work for 1 day and half :(

Also gotta complain that clients at 2am are not easy to deal with -_-;;

So on this wonderfull thursay I am givin you bonuses! haha I feel generous :B first one is inspired when everything starts to go bad you feel like having a devil on your shoulder.. sometimes I wonder if that devil isnt just life trying to stab you then then one tought led to the other.. what if it was a fat bastard? what if he was blah blah blah so on XD

Second is just the lined work of the previously posted drawing, if you wanna try and colour it GO AHEAUUUUUDDDUUU 8D ♥

And on this I shall leave you, I need a shower make my lunch then its off to work till 3AM again muwahhaha XD ♥

Monday, April 5, 2010

girly nights

well I guess I cant help it, now that I have a blog I doodle the day away -_-;; so like 2 or days ago my neighbor Carine ( ♥ ) showed up with wine and we hung out like we do, and yet again tonight she did, she is about the only person I see outside my co-workers people from school and my lovely boyfriend :B because I has hectic schedule and all
today we talked about fashion and all, so while talking I was doodleing away of COURSE XD

so she talked about stipped lime green and black fabric she saw today and how she wanted to make an outfit out of it ... so in my head the middle on popped out, then she descibed (and doodled) the one I did on the right side.. then got me wondering off in the fashion world...
reminded me of old dreams.. haha XD

so yeah
girls night out= me likey
(even if she talks alot obout her boyfriend and stuff she likes she is quite funny XD)

so I leave you with another eye candy, something work inspired, with chlui-chan and valnounette (♥)
I wish now I did chlui with some coffee or something -_-;;

okay ime done fer naow bed time :) school tomrorow harharhar gotta finish thoses props unwrap then and import in hammer engine :B

Friday, April 2, 2010

sickness and eye candy

So, I am sick, I caught a nasty virus that block all my sinus and keep me from breathing normally and gives me a headache, throat ache and my upper mouth feels weird hahaha
so I throwing down halls down my throat and hoping it will all go away soon enough because that sickness will not stop me from working and chall ha! plus I have a very long and busy weekend WHY NAOW rah.. but I guess Im lucky, scince I wasnt sick ALL winter long. so I shouldnt rant haha

so I shall leave you with some eye candy before going to work.
did this sketch in class, will finish it once I am done with Ben in wonderland series hahah :D I was thinking of maybe painting it digital style 8D we shall see :B