Wednesday, November 17, 2010

its moviiiinnng D:

oh hai people!
how are you hanging on?
me IM busy, so busy it kills me :<>

so right now when I wake up OR after work this is how I look like :

I also been hanging out with people, and I realised that 2 of them have special bonds of brotherly love, and often are off in their own little world. I find that very inspiring and cute :>
been also working on contracts I have 2 more to go and they are huge ones with lots of charaters @_@ muwhaha. I did the first one it was for my sister and was a simple ink job so yay 8D
also if I havent annoyed you with the stories of my life well my mother is doing the rally des gazelles in maroco desert, which is a distance and endurance rally through the insanity of the desert :D, and for that she is doing alot of found raising, and since Im poor and always working, I can never participate to her things, so instead IM doing a painting that she can sell to the highest bidder or somehting like that, here's the sketch :
so yeahhhhhhhhhhh, my life is been hecting and IM still trying very hard to find a job in my field and as quickly as I can since Im way over my head with debts and all T_T me and Ben are trying real hard. But you know low salary jobs are, well, low salary.. I love my job, but its not what I want to do for the rest of my life, I want to create! to use that rusty brain of mine D:
but yeah I feal that its gonna happen soon, hopefully IM right.
oh and aslo, my landlord finally did action against the bed bugs flea :D I have the product now I just have to find a day where I can take my cat somewhere for a few hours (toxic vapors)
things are slightly looking up 8D