Monday, April 5, 2010

girly nights

well I guess I cant help it, now that I have a blog I doodle the day away -_-;; so like 2 or days ago my neighbor Carine ( ♥ ) showed up with wine and we hung out like we do, and yet again tonight she did, she is about the only person I see outside my co-workers people from school and my lovely boyfriend :B because I has hectic schedule and all
today we talked about fashion and all, so while talking I was doodleing away of COURSE XD

so she talked about stipped lime green and black fabric she saw today and how she wanted to make an outfit out of it ... so in my head the middle on popped out, then she descibed (and doodled) the one I did on the right side.. then got me wondering off in the fashion world...
reminded me of old dreams.. haha XD

so yeah
girls night out= me likey
(even if she talks alot obout her boyfriend and stuff she likes she is quite funny XD)

so I leave you with another eye candy, something work inspired, with chlui-chan and valnounette (♥)
I wish now I did chlui with some coffee or something -_-;;

okay ime done fer naow bed time :) school tomrorow harharhar gotta finish thoses props unwrap then and import in hammer engine :B