Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a new begining

Well its the end of january and I havent posted anything yet.
Mostly because my live has gone through lots of changes.
One main, alot of you readers dont know me in real life. Or others just dont keep up with the news.
So if you must know, I had a break-up with my now ex boyfriend.. and it was quite hard.
Now my cousin lives with me and Ive been trying to fix my life.. wich is hard, but one fight at a time haha
Lately I had that craving of chage, I want something new, somthing different..but for once, its not as easy as before where I could simply just go somewhere haha
but Im working hard ^_^ and thank you for believing in me :).

So, for a change, I will post finished art 8D

first is the fanart I did of skydoll, coloured, and it was sooo much fuuun :B its shinnyy and textures were taken from google image seach XD

second is a drawing I did about 6 or 7 months ago..o_o; I finally finished it last month haha XD it was a great practice !

The last coloured piece is a recent one.. its an id for me.. because I saw on my deviantart account that I still have my old ID with my blond and pink hair... it was about time that I changed it. so here it iss~
and to finish it all off~ A doodle I did today at work.. it really look christmas themed.. but I just wanted to do a cute girl in winter coat.. then the wings came naturally hahha -_-;; but it was so ffuuunnn to doo
also I came to realise, most of my drawings are girls, looking in the same direction.. I need to draw different stuff rly..meh.

so on this, Im going back to my comissions, I need to kick my ass some more ^_^;;
keep faith up, Ill upload more as soon as Im done with all the madness :D