Monday, March 7, 2011


Its funny how I tought that my life would get any better, but you know, shit is happening, still
but oh well, I'll deal with it you know, like I always did, not the first time, prolly not the last time my ass gets owned by mr bitchy life haha.

Anyways I was a bit down this past month cuz of the said shit was like hapening over and over and over. I needed a slap in the face to force me back to reality instead of sulking away~ I think Im all good now, I need to keep in the surface and find all my motivation for the final showdown muwahah

so, since I was a slob and not doing art, I went to a friend's house to draw, and draw I did
annndd, after working on commision I did a quiky sketch on photoshop yayy
so I have material to show you even tho they are not high quality sketches they are something at least :B

the first one well I didnt know what to draw, so in the end My friend asked me to draw her in my style, so I did, here be the result

she actually framed the drawing in the same night :D ♥ my first drawing that is in a frame yayyy (normally only my paintings are XD ) so after that I was like. arrr what to draw?
so I ended up with this :
Its pretty meh, nothing to it really, but THEN I GOT STRIKED with an idea! yayyy
wich, for once, is NOT a person its a landscape YAYY.
so, like that, no ruler, I spat it out
its a bit charged. And I think I might do it in 3d, just for the lol, and to add new stuff to the already old portfolio yes, would be a good idea :B

And after a long day of working on my list of commisions, I ended up just doodeling away in photoshop just before closing it, just cuz I felt like it so there you are: a sorta moulin-rougesque girl yayyyy~

Its so nowere haha XD but it was fun, drawing again is helping me getting back on track.. a little bit :)
love you all~ may your dream be filled with annoying girly stuff like ponies and cupcakes :D